For the first time I decided to try and paint several similar pieces to work out the kinks and refine a style. Inspired by the idea of Knee capping my letters so their bottoms are missing, and they sit on a foundation of floating arrows. I also want to connect letters where over laps occur. The best way to connect the letter is in make sure you know what the whole letter looks like and then deconstruct the unneeded bits where letters meet.
The first painted piece in this series was based on the second sketch i did; the first had a much more curvy-swoopy series of shapes. The next sketches followed the shapes of the below piece more closely then the original sketch.

rath UPS green knee capped part one

The second piece was a both a step forward and a step backward. The use of color wasn’t quite as punchy as I hoped they would be, but the letters had a bit more character.

rath cod blue knee capped part two


After agonizing over the colors of the last piece i doubled down on the color for the next one. It also occurred to me that the application of the color in the first two pieces could be much more effective; so i tried to build a sense of dimension and light.

Rath UPS jah solid rock torquoise knee capped part three

the Forth piece i tried to take all the good things about the previous three and combine them.

Rath UPS ruby Stone  knee capped part four



Rolled up to Connecticut for a lil fireside with my man Above;



Art Basel 2000 and twelver.
I set out to Miami with one thing in mind; FUN. I often allow the technicality of a piece over shadow the fun i set out to have in the first place. So this year i decided the hell with it. Im gonna paint shit that is fun and makes me laugh. It may not be the cleanest or the most complicated but dam it Im gonna enjoy the hell out of it and NONE of it is gonna ever feel like work; even though at the end of the day ill be ready to collapse and die until the ‘morrow son!
Prior to the Trip Kems and i had been referring to the squad as team dysfunction and with that in mind i set about my first wall illustrating the squad mixing metaphors and making shit up.
We linked up with Europes Good Time Ambassador Tiws and, Thanks to Miss Reds Am7 for the spot; we set about doing a parking lot with a few different walls in it. Since i was planning on fun with an unknown outcome i elected to let Tiws, Preys, Kems, Enue and gorey roll on the larger wall and i sequestered myself off in the corner to fart around.

Rath Team dysfunction Art basel
Next up was the retaining wall to a cement factory. Panik from Miami lined this one up. DUDE is  trooper he had broken some fingers and had his cast removed that morning to come out and rock with us then he was going back to the doctor to get the cast put back on.
This wall was in trap ville, across the street from a flop’n'squat lot, where zombies were mean leaning all day and young attractive ladies were going in and out fixing up to hit the track. This is the part of America and the world that is pretty devastating to see in person. Trap life might sell record units but living aint no walk in the park; shits hard living.
the entire wall lined up was tough, preys, kems, panik, Rath, Backs (ma), Grabs FDC, Tubs, Rekal and some others im spacing out on (sorry fellas).
Rath X Back: TrapVille Art basil 2012

due to cars lining most fo the street i could only get a clean-ish connecter of back and myself. hopefully a better connector will surface so everyone can shine.
On to the next. Old School Boston legend Remote AMPM, set up this next wall in the cut. We decided on a lil mash up wall. Again more fun then a circus full of monkeys. Preys remote and I got to work while Kems and Enue went back in to he heart of basel to paint a truck.
Mash Up Alley Art Basel 2012

Wrapping it up, we bounced to ft lauderdale to hold up for a few nights to relax a bit, but instead we linked with Young Tubs FDC, and got in one last quickie before it was time to head back to frozen northeast and face the beast.
rath Ft Lauderdale 2012

enue Xt ubs X rath

enue sent me this quick connector.

After about 5 days of record breaking heat and air condition advisories we finally got a break in the heat which coincided with a lil crew link up and some special guest heavy hitters for good measure. The plan, simple, link wth Kems Geser and Twesh and do a nice 3a wall while having a blast. Success. In the spirit of the more the merrier, it turned out Jurne was in town and in a early round trade we managed to pull, Shank Williams, Jick Johnson, and Jedifith the elemental terrestrial.

Kems and Twesh hi the road at 5:00am. Geser got scooped up along the way at 6:00am. They drove for a while. Hugh Hevner awoke from a pleasant nights sleep at 8:30am, well rested and soon well redded. I had coffee and some breakfast took a shower, hung out with boobah and finally got the car packed. The Kem car reached my crib at 9:40ishAm. And we were on the way, after my wife proceeded to talk to Geser about his kids for 20 minutes, love you honey, but we gots to roll out. Clockwork ensued. There is nothing like painting on an active basket ball court to keep you on your toes. Some how the basketball had Gesers number hit his wall, cans, back, head, more then a few times. All in the line of duty.

geser and rath sketches


Geser and I had spoken a bit about colors, which is always an epic conversation. Shit was easier back when there were 14 american colors to choose from. Now it’s a project to choose colors. We settled on a nice range of aquas and oranges but kept the plan loose, when ever there is a significant hike too and from a wall you always have to mindful of what you can get done in the time you have.

early progress on the way to fillville

There is nothing better the doing a wall with a bunch of talented and focused writers, but its a bummer to not see more of everyones process. You look up one minute to see a partially cracked sketch, then the next thing you know theres a full blown fill you missed happening completely done. So the middle of the day blurs unitl its photo time.



Ges X Rath 3a UPS X Molotow

The last thing I remember seeing before leaving was kem 5 holding his phone in one hand, starring at it like it called him a name, and his right shoe in his other hand; his Socked foot sort of mushing it to a strip of sun warmed and now gooey tar, ill placed to cover a crack on the blacktop below. I imagined him stepping away only to have the tar claim the sock and pull it right off his foot. Its a jungle on the East Coast baby, Another Adventure Awaits!


rathups 3a Cod FlyId

rath ups 3a Cod FlyId

Geser 3a Ups

Geser 3a Ups

Shouts to Twesh, you know you large! Dmote, Jurne, Jick, Jedi5, Kemmsy Fizzle, And my dude Geser, it take Team work to make the Dream work!


got back up with my silver sharpies and black poster paint markers and did some sketch calisthenics. this one for my dude over at 

hot and humid times with, wen, knows, shank williams, flying fortress and warz, and 100 plus karate students.
Felt like taking it back and revisiting some older more traditional shapes. i bit sloppy thomas but it was fun.

We PAtR-ed* it and assembled the crew in NJ for a lil sweat it out in the hot up sun. I copped some gatorade, for the first time in 25 Plus years, shits got electrolites, so i figured it might could help out cool the hot up sun. Early to work in the graff game, never really equals early to back home as some of us tend to paint for as long as weve got as opposed to how long it should take. So i got to wall and was able to get right to work with out the prerequisite morning poli till its noon, then hustle as the dark is coming soon. The weather called for a mild overcast day, PERFECT! What we got was some sunny humid 85 degree to soon for summer hot up son, break balls, hearts and popping spray cans. It was not my brand but someones can did a lil explosion after a few hours in the hot up sun… happens to the best of em, not mine but the best of yours, haha. Molotow FTW.

Yet again a good line up was achieved and a good time was had indeed. Snek (NZ), Naps and Brus (italy), Aplus, wane and myself. At one point it seemed like Brus and Naps were ready to give the NBA a real go. They were tearing up the court next to the wall. They came to write and stayed to Ball!

TALKING THAT TALK: polisci son

*prince and the revolution