the life of a page


Often i get startled by a blank page. In order to disarm it I vandalize it, making me care less about it. Easier to make a messed up page look better then it is to improve on a nice serene solid color. So throw ups and tags are in order.

finished-3Did some clean up/ surface prep with some mists of yellow, orange and red beltons. and started to sketch out some letters.


.o7 Staedtler and White Molotow One4All marker.


Went in with some brush and One4All ink. Below on the top left you can see i even broke out the old tooth brush for some good ole fashion stippling, i was being a bit cheap with the ink so its some one restrained. However its brought me to the conclusion in need an airbrush to add to the bredth of makrs one can make with Molotow Ink.


I finally pushed a few areas back by doing some top misting with the belton cans. You can see it in the top hat of Ras Top-o-page, and the same for the edges of the checkers. def couls have done more of that kind of stuff with a airbrush.

more images of this can also be seen at the molotow blog:

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