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Digital green space, the ipad sketchbook

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

II finally broke down and bought a stylus for the Ipad and it was the best 14$ ( i got two, one for each hand, no i loose these things so i got a back up) ive spent on a non- digital item with digital applications ever. I ended up getting a Pogo Sketch Stylus, by Ten One Design.

Ipad User; digital sketch,by  heavylox

Ipad User; digital sketch,by heavylox

One of the best things about drawing on the train is over time you get to see familiar faces and get to know people in a removed sort of fashion. You get to see people in all there facets, in random order, only suing your memory to sort out where they are today.  So as it happens i had a second encounter with a fellow commuter, which was very redemptive.
i was sitting in a double seat with a woman and an elderly gentleman. The lady, well call her Fran, asked me if i was drawing. I said yes and showe her the ipad screen. She was excited about it and remarked to the elderly fellow, well call him Grumpy Gramps, that i was drawing and very talented. To which Grumpy Gramps, replied very dryly that he to draws, and as such he seemed less than impressed.
Fran: oh you draw on the computer too?
Grumpy Gramps: no i used pen and paper.
oh Gramps your really pulling the old timer on me here huh. These youg folks and their disrespect for tradition, I USE PAPER, and draw the way it should be done.
Fran: oh, well im sure youre very talented too. Im sitting with two talented artists.
How nice of Fran to placate Gramps by also allowing him to be talented. I think that warmed gramps up a bit, And he finally forced him self to actually look at what i was doing. I think to his surprise i wasnt drawing a stick figure or some sort of crude pornographic image.
Gramps: you gonna draw the belly (in a voice with NO tact in regards to train passenger  proximity )
Oh now youre all interested huh, you Grump. He was actually quite nice and probably would have been interesting to talk to had we had more of a ride ahead of us.  Through out all of this i started to feel more and more as though i had seen Fran before. Finally as i was getting of the train it hit me, Fran had already appeared on Reason & RasClot before, filed under Bad manners. Yes Fran was Ms So you didn’t go to finishing school?, And here she was the antithesis of all she had shown herself to be previously. Now well see which Fran we met next; the Devil or the Angel.

vanilla scarf, drawn on the Ipad

some color

Saturday, November 6th, 2010
Crisp weather Lunch Rest: illustration by heavylox

Crisp weather Lunch Rest: illustration by heavylox

knatty color: illustration by heavylox

knatty color: illustration by heavylox.

long day Color: illustration by heavylox

opps, thought i was using water color crayons, turned out oil crayons got mixed in...

opps, thought i was using water color crayons, turned out oil crayons got mixed in...: illustration by heavylox

another five head, plus other pages

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Classic Five Head

Disc-Man Hanger onner

Disc-Man Hanger onner

face Rester

face Rester