Leg ups

Leg ups

Some people jsut make themselves at home. feet all up the next mans space.

i got 99 problems and they all bug-bite related

Inconsistency is my Achilles heal. however the silver lining there in is when you expect mediocrity but find a gem you get to be pleasantly surprised.

I was doing a mural with a friend this weekend and part of it involved character drawn by a third party not involved in the mural. My friend, well call him Grady, was grumbling about how there were some discrepancies between the reference sketch and the mural sketch. I said its only not right if you know what the original sketch looked like, no one else will see a mistake. That didn’t comfort Brady much, as its one of those sayings that are mostly true, but if your the kind of person who cant live the lie its not very helpful.
So it goes striving for the unattainable goal of perfection, one is haunted by the knowledge of their true shortcomings, which is made worse by others compliments that miss the imperfections, and mistakes.
Hope for only failure and ignore the successes.

Eating some lunch plotting the next, stop on the tourist track.


Love it when people jsut stand where ever they want on the train like its a free country; Like Im not drawing the person they are now standing in front of, Fool you make a better door then a window.

****Added a twitter updater plug-in to the blog; so theoretically twitter should tweet on posting this.


Set up for a licke read in between deliveries. Cool now Ras.


im probably wrong.
this ranges from not enough outline to, ‘whoa now thats a black outline’…

when i first got the moleskin was skeptical at best in regards to is papers tooth, it was like drawing on glass almost; at any rate the paper had a sheen. I got used to it became fond of it and in a momnet of stupidity lady luck caught me slipping and I lost a new moleskin with about 5 pages done the last of which was done that morning and had some promise to it.
So it go. Drawing in a standby water color sketch of the same dimension was an unusually tough transition. the pen and page engage differently.

see through blouse. shearish.

see through blouse. shearish.