I saw my hair in a dinner photo and knew it was time

My girlfriend and I go to a shisha (hookah) joint when ever she visits and have made it a tradition of it since 2018. We're in a long distance relationship so little events like this make all the difference. About a month ago, the night before she left for San Diego after a week long visit, she sat across the table from me while I puffed my shisha and got ready to hand her the pipe. When she took a photo that was intended to capture the smokes dance as I released it. I asked her for a peak (you know.. to make sure the picture highlighted my good side lol) and saw what looked like Bernie Sanders looking back at me in the phone. This was the day I realized I had to do something about my thinning hair. I never wanted to feel like that again.

I started researching solutions to hairloss and only found expensive, risky, or ineffective solutions until i came across heavylox hair fibers. Heavylox provided a solution for people like me who are losing hair and want an immediate, affordable solution that is also super discreet. 

I'll have to admit I was crazy nervous at first but I figured this could only help and with the company's refund policy, if I absolutely didn't like it, I could always send it back. Heavylox hair fibers didn't disappoint. The day I started applying this product, my life changed. And I have to say.. My girlfriend is just as excited as I am about it! *wink *wink