Is Heavylox resistant to rain, wind, and sweat?

Absolutely. Our products stays securely in your hair until a shampoo wash. Rain, wind and sweat will have no effect.


Is Heavylox easy to use?

Our product is the simplest application process on the market. The Heavylox fiber dispenser was specifically designed by leading mechanical engineers with decades of experience in haircare product design. 


Can I mix Colors?

Of course. For best results, use one color as a bottom layer and the other as a second layer. Style with your hands or a brush if necessary. 


How long does one application last?

One application will stay on indefinitely until you shampoo your hair.


Can I use Heavylox with other hair products?

Yes. We recommend applying any oil or water based products first before using Heavylox in your hair for best results.


Can I comb, brush, or style my hair with Heavylox in it?

Absolutely. Heavylox fibers will bind to your natural hair and behave the same way your own hair would. Feel free to style as you'd like.


Can I use Heavylox with Propecia or other consumables?

Absolutely, Heavylox is a topical hair fiber to be used on the surface of the skin. It will not interfere with any consumables. 

Will you ship overseas?

We ship everywhere in the world.

Will Heavylox work with any Hair type?

Heavylox works for any hair type, texture, or color. In fact, we if you find that Heavylox does not perfectly blend into your hair, we have a full money back guarantee. 


Will Heavylox stain my clothes?

Absolutely not. Heavylox, if mistakenly dropped on any material will wipe off with ease.



Please send any questions not answered above to support@heavylox.com!